Terms of Business


Prices vary according to the size and type of lute (how many courses, etc.), the decorative details and materials used. I use Kingham made-to-measure cases, which start at around £400, depending on the type of lute and the type of case lining. Please enquire for more details.

Terms of business

Price is agreed at the time of the order and does not change thereafter. A flexible deposit of around 25% secures a place on my waiting list, with the remainder being paid on or a few days before delivery, depending on arrangements for delivery/collection.

Methods of payment

UK and French customers: cash, cheque, or direct credit transfer.

Customers outside UK or France: cash or direct credit transfer (“wire transfer”). Please allow for bank charges when making transfers – all such charges are to be met by the customer.

Customers outside the EU will also need to consider customs charges.


Most customers prefer to collect instruments personally, as this is the best and safest method.  If an instrument has to be sent by courier, all related expenses (packaging, carriage, insurance, customs/import taxes, etc.) must be paid by the customer.

Please email me if you have any queries.