The Lute Society web site. See “Links to other sites” for links to other lute societies, instrument makers, and much more…

The Lute Society of America web site. Includes links to lots of downloadable music and much else.

Wayne Cripps’ page gives links to lots of lute tablature and iconography.

Alfonso Marin’s pages include a collection of lute iconography.

Sarge Gerbode’s pages have huge amounts of free tablature.

Rob MacKillop’s pages include recordings of an 11c I made for him, as well as resources for contemporary lute-music enthusiasts.

Federico Marincola’s site includes downloadable copies of his “Lute Bot”, a quarterly magazine (now defunct, alas) containing some very interesting articles.

Arto Wikla’s music pages include directories of makers and players, some interesting short articles, a simple string calculator, and much else of interest.

Kenneth Sparr’s lute page – substantial and interesting articles.

Allan Alexander’s site has lots of free music and download links for Fronimo.

Mark Wheeler’s site has free music and links to videos of his group Pantagruel.

David van Oijen’s site includes articles on meantone temperament, intabulations by Terzi and Spinacino, gut strings and more.