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Six-course lute (January 2021)


A six-course instrument after iconographic models, 58cm string length, plum and maple ribs, pear neck and pegbox, boxwood bridge, pegs and fingerboard. The rose is based on an early lute by Dieffopruchar in the Beare collection.

The design was based on a painting by Montagna (1598), the story of which is told here.

I made my first lute to this design for Orí Harmelin, who you can see playing it in his wonderful version of Josquin’s Mille regretz

The alternate colours for the back were inspired by Carpaccio’s painting of the presentation of Jesus at the temple (1510):

Though new, this lute already has an amazing sound, thanks to an excellent piece of old soundboard wood.

Page updated: Friday 8 January 2021

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