A number of commercial recordings featuring my instruments have been released in the last few years, a selection of which is featured below.

In the Garden of Polyphony – Israel Golani

2022 – Solaire Records SOL1010

Golani plays a variety of French Renaissance music on lute and guitar which captures the ‘integration of harmony into clerical and courtly composition, the fusing of the sacred and the profane, the ascent of the lute as the leading instrument.’

Bella incognita – Lukas Henning

2019 – Glossa GCD923518

Lukas Henning presents ‘Bella incognita’, a recital devoted to the enigmatic 16th-century Venetian composer Marco dall’Aquila, a musician frequently referred to in the sources but one who is difficult to characterize.

Kapsberger: Intavolatura – Stefano Maiorana

2016 – Fra Bernardo FB1603777

This release was intended to present a more diverse overview of works by Kapsberger for solo theorbo. The works are taken from the German-Italian’s Books I, III and IV.

Fantasia – Martin Shepherd

2018 – FS Records FSR181

Martin Shepherd plays a range of little-known German and Italian music from the first half of the 16th century, showcasing different responses to the desire to bring both sacred and secular polyphony into a more intimate context, from simple intabulations of vocal works to entirely new pieces based on themes from or inspired by them: fantasia as a process as much as a genre.

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