Martin Shepherd has been playing the lute since 1979 and making lutes since 1982. His expertise as a player and teacher informs every step in the making and setup of new instruments, and as a result they are easy and rewarding to play.

His instruments are sought after by amateurs and professionals alike, who admire their superb sound, beauty, and quality of construction.

Martin is committed to helping develop both young professionals and students, and offers a discount of 15% for current University or Conservatoire students. Current lead time is around 6-9 months.

  • fingerboard detail
  • Fingerboard detail
  • Ebony back with holly lines
  • rose
  • Rosewood back detail
  • Viola da mano rose detail

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Martin’s review of The Lute in the Dutch Golden Age: Musical Culture in the Netherlands: 1580-1670, by Jan W.J. Burgers, appears in the latest issue of the Galpin Society Journal (LXVIII).

The Francesco da Milano page is being added to and improved – check back regularly to find new PDFs and MP3s.


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