A Recercata possibly by Francesco da Milano?

A manuscript of Bavarian origin, now in Paris (Bibliothéque du Conservatoire, Ms. Réserve 429) includes seven pieces attributed to Francesco da Milano (Ness numbers 67, 87a, 88-91, and 95).  There is also a piece on f.109 headed Recercata which has many features of his style.  I have made many small changes, correcting obvious errors but also sometimes removing repeated notes and adding a couple of bars where needed to make musical sense.  I have listed all these changes in the commentary.  Curiously, at the end of the piece is written “176 compases” though it is in fact 195 bars long (197 in my version).

I am grateful to John Robinson for drawing my attention to this piece via his music supplement in Lute News no.88 (December 2008).  John’s edition is different from mine.  He also included a Præludium with an almost identical opening from Phalèse (Des Chansons Reduictz en Tabulature de Lut … Livre premier (Louvain, 1545) p.6).  I am also grateful to Arthur Ness for pointing out that (like Francesco, Ness 2) it is a parody of the motet Elizabeth Zacharie by Jean de la Fage.



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